Are You Tough Enough?

April 4th at 7:00 am
March 20, 2015, 8:14 am
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What’s the date for the event? What time does it start? We are haunted by these questions.

Unless we’re soloists, in which case: 5:00 am, April 4th.

Entries 2015
January 25, 2015, 2:37 pm
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Tough Enough is still open!

What is the price of experience? Do men buy it for a song, or wisdom for a dance in the street? Nope. Two tips for a happy TE:

  1. It’s all about guts. Specifically, intestines, livers stomachs, kidneys. Most of us don’t like to eat before running, but you’ll need to eat and drink between your first and second legs. Practice. Figure out what’s easiest for you to get in and keep in. Experiment, so on race day you can scarf after your first leg without worrying about Troubles on the second.
  2. Walk early and often. Practice this. If you’re a rocket, doesn’t apply, but for most TE runners, you’ll be as fast or faster walking up parts of Gibraltar or Broadcast as running. Not against the rules!

Entries so far, below. Too late to get a skirt or pants, but it’s not too late to enter. Key: F is entry form, $ is payment.

As of 07 March:


Andrew and colleagues
Andrew and friends
Average Joes √ $
Between a Walk and a Hard Place √ $
Bona Fide Tough Enough
Cacahuates √ $
CARE 4 Paws Transmogrified, or dissolved, or something
Chains for Brains F $ (credit from last year)
Controlled Bypass F $
Delusions of Toughness √
Elva and her husband
Inside Trackers 1 √ $
Inside Trackers 2 √ $
Inside Trackers 3 √ $
Jay Kays √ $
Kyle and the Other Kids (name subject to change)
Pink Ladies a/o Otherly Gendered (also subject to change)
SB Training 1 √ $
SB Training 2 √ $
SB Training 3 √ $
Super Friends! √ $
Team Nine Trails F $
Team Three Generations F $
That’s what she said F $
Triple Threat
People who know… things…
Young Dr. Fronken’s Team F $

Kim Bengelsdorf F $
Chris ‘Tarzan’ Clemens F $
Rob DeCou F $
Luis Escobar F $
Sean Flanagan F
John Hoenigman
Manley Klassen F $
John Loftus F $
Jadd Martinez F $
Mauricio Puerto
Mike Salsbury
Jake Sanders F $
Jeff Vinion F $ w/ extra donation to DRI
Jon Zaid F $

The entry form!
January 13, 2015, 6:22 pm
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Entry form finally posted, and we need your entry by Feb 4th. SOON.

However, if you can’t get all the signatures by then, just email the RD with the necessary info by then and happiness results all around.

‘Yes, but,’ pausing, ‘what information?’ Well if you’re a woman, your skirt size (XS, S, M, L, XL) — also if you’re not a woman but like skirts. If you’re a man, your waist and inseam lengths. (Except see the entry form — restrictions apply.) (If you’re between one of the sizes, go small — if you’re a 33 waist, go to 32.) Also OK if you’re a woman who likes men’s pants. This is a pretty non-judgmental race.

Glad to have you.

Where the heck is the entry form?
January 3, 2015, 11:11 am
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‘How can we’ (you ask yourselves) ‘enter this most prestigious and four-dimensional footrace when we lack an entry form? Further, how can we develop our sophrosyne souls when we’re held perpetually teetering on the edge of possibility by this very lack?’

Ms Burnell (of Horny Toad) and the RD need to work out the ‘thing’ for this year so we can ask for the right measure on the entry form. That will be… Soon. (For more detail, please see Heidegger’s awesome slightly-lunatic and pretty much unreadable [at least in my translation] ‘What Is a Thing?’)

2015 date
November 22, 2014, 8:06 am
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April 4th 2015. Entry forms not quite ready yet, but ‘reserve a spot’ is of course open.

Running the entire course as a soloist
July 20, 2014, 6:38 pm
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Chris Clemons wrote up his experience. Same year, so it counts as timely. Here.

Rumors abound that Molly Huddle, Jenny Simpson, Stephanie Garcia (UCSB star who is now a bona fide international A-list steepler), Shannon Rowbury, and Ajee’ Wilson are using the international track season as prep for an attempt at the women’s CR in 2015. “The World Championships are fine, you know, whatever. Nobody is seriously comparing them to Tough Enough,” Huddle told LetsRun shourtly after her 14:42 American Record 5000 in Monaco.

2014 race report: $3,144 to Direct Relief Int’l
April 6, 2014, 10:35 am
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Closed Kinevan required re-routing, but only one error by relay runners, which was self-penalizing since the temporary route was a little shorter. The soloists ran the full distance on a windy-but-clear day. Magnificent vistas. ‘Magnificent’ an overused word, now most often applied ironically, but for yesterday a simple description. If Wordsworth and Coleridge hadn’t dropped at the last minute, they’d have loved it.

Some notes.
o Runner of the day: Sara Kida. Thirty-three weeks pregnant. Nonchalant. Sara was awarded lifetime free entry, for herself and her heirs.
o Wind on Gibraltar. A runner’s sandwich was blown out of her hand.
o Route. A woman left E Camino Cielo to energetically follow a steep trail. ‘What are you doing!?’ ‘I’ve always wanted to run up this!’
o Tired meets wired. Close third place to the Fugawi, with only three runners, Steve Harding, John Loftus, and Scott Devore. Finishing in 7:06, a time that even accounting for the short course would have won all but a couple of previous runnings.
o SB life. Pre-race conversation with a couple of runners who are designing lasers for space to help capture an asteroid and drag it around to orbit the moon.
o Ah, youth. Chris Clemens sort-of inadvertently stayed out until 1 the night before the race, showed up for the 5 am ultra start, and decided somewhere on Gibraltar that instead of alternating legs, as planned, with his brother, hey, why not just run the whole thing?
o Running dog. When soloist Mauricio was passing the Gun Club, a neighborhood German Shepherd slipped under a backyard fence to run with him. Text to owner received little response (‘tell her to come home.’) Friendly dog looked ready to do it again as she checked out Nojoqui Falls and hung with her ultra running buddies. With some recreational off-course cow-chasing, to break things up.
o Happiness. The general tone at the finish line; the reason for the event.

Grateful thanks to Kimberly Burnell and Horny Toad, Adam and Sara at CoMotion, Elle, and all you participants.

We’re sending $3,144 to Direct Relief, in gratitude for what they do.


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